Dear Visitor, 

I've been overwhelmed with the state of our nation and the world. I've typed and deleted, emailed, discussed and debated. My mind feels clogged with emotion. And so I'm letting that out the best way I know how.  

This song "Carolyn" is an unfinished product. The last edit was in July 2019. It's based on historic events from 1955. And here we are in 2020. This message still rings true. 

Carolyn is the symbol of irrational fear, that leads to irrational hate and violence. Carolyn is privilege. Carolyn is deadly power. Carolyn is the cancer rotting our great nations bones. Of all the blood that's been shed at the grip of Carolyn's hands,  we must understand and believe there will come a day of reckoning.

Roberta Lea

Verse 1


Carolyn, your lies have been a mighty wind

Southern trees are forced to bow and bend

The truth you barely whisper

Carolyn, you leave a trail of broken men

Your words will make them sink or swim

In blood flooding the river




And all the while you hear the sound

Of mothers crying for their child

So deaf in ear, so blind in eye

But why? 


Verse 2


Why, Carolyn, was death always the punishment?

Your house is filled with mice and men

Their actions far from honor




And all this time it’s in their eyes

Their souls are burning fueled by lies

So cold in heart, so numb in mind

But why? 


Verse 3


Carolyn, your silence has been deafening

I beg you let our freedom ring

And love so kind to answer


Carolyn, one day you’ll see his face again

The child who paid the price for your sin

Will hold your soul for ransom (2x)

All rights reserved. Copyright 2019 Roberta Lea