Live Performance

WTKR Hampton Roads Show


The opportunity came through happenstance. Singer/Songwriter Roberta Lea was performing at a songwriter in the round hosted by her Nashville Songwriters Association International group (Tidewater Chapter) at the Big Pink Victorian Station.


During these events, it's pretty typical that artists will have their supporters film their performances and many of them do so live. One of the members happened to have someone recording Facebook live when Roberta's turn was up. Unbeknownst to her, a talent recruiter was watching on the other side of town. 

The next day, she found a message from Brenda Barkley of Tidewater Friends of Acoustic Music inviting her to perform for Coast Live WTKR.

This would be Roberta Lea's first live T.V. performance. The show aired Friday June 15, 2018 and she was the first performer to do two songs for the set, which were received with joyful and eager ears. 

The response to her performance was like something out of a dream. The next day, someone recognized her while she performed at the Varia, citing her tv appearance. The day after, she received an email from a record label inquiring of an interest to sign.

"At the end of the day, you just hope people appreciate your craft. When they do, you get amazing opportunities" Roberta shares. And amazing opportunities they are! Next up is her radio interview with Tracey Chisholm at 104.9 FM in August. Make sure to follow on her social media, because this is one artist who's going somewhere!

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Roberta Lea w/ WTRK hosts Cheryl Nelson and Blaine Stewart