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Girl Trip


Verse 1

Yes, it’s about that time

I’m ready to clear my mind

Braid my hair, I’ll be packing light

Bikini and a bottle of wine

Yes, gonna call my friends

A Molotov cocktail, special blend

Sisters, hell bound, to no end

Ladies, let the fun begin



Get your tickets, time to fly

Leave behind that 9 to 5

Pour the drinks and let’s get lit

It’s time for another girl trip

Book the rooms at the hotel 

Set aside some cash for bail

Bad behavior, let it rip

It’s time for another girl trip



Yeah, yeah, 


Verse 2

First, we always need the mama

Keep us together and control the drama

Wisdom and grace like Michelle Obama

You know she’s gonna be on ya

Next, we’re gonna need the baddie

Pushing the limit, embarrassing daddy

Teaching us all how to bounce the fatty

I just hope you’re ready

Yeah, yeah




Last but certainly not least 

The friend who’s always got the drinks

Her kind of party’s never over

At least until she’s sober

We’re losing our composure 

Drown in the oasis

Name a better place than this…



Hook (yeah, yeah)

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