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Roberta Lea's Secret Sauce Recipe

- 2 Cups of Soul

- 1/2 Cup of Sentimental

- 1/2 Cup of Sexy

- 3 tablespoons of Real Life

- 1 tablespoon of Fantasy

- A large pinch of Faith 

With a voice like cinnamon and a pen like butter, Roberta Lea is a rising artist, ready to give the world a taste of what she's made of. Fellow artists have called her Hampton Road's best kept secret. It's as though she's a secret family recipe, kept hidden until now. 

Pursuing music at 35 may seem like it's a late start for some, but for Roberta Lea, it's ideal. She's been slowly marinating and soaking in LIFE. Now that she's ready to do music, she has a buffet of songs that are sure to appease any listeners pallet. 

The Story of Sweet Baby Ray

Believe it or not, Lea actually kept this song on the shelf for quite a while, hesitant to share with fans, fearing it'd be too cliche. It wasn't until she headed down to Nashville for the Americana Fest and found herself in the Black Opry House doing rounds with other artists that she decided to sing Sweet Baby Ray for the first time, ever. 

The overwhelming response surprised her. Every night, BIPOC and LGBTQ artists would gather for another set of rounds, and as soon as it was Roberta's turn, others wouldn't give her time to choose. "Do Sweet Baby Ray!!" they'd shout.

"That kind of atmosphere is exactly what artists like us need." said Lea, "A safe place to be authentic and genuine. To experiment and get feedback without all the pressure."

By the end of the week, Roberta's homework assignment was made clear: go home and record Sweet Baby Ray. And by the looks of it, she understood the assignment very clearly.

What's Next?

Roberta Lea is looking forward to releasing her debut Country E.P. entitled "Just A Taste" before the end of the year. Her objective is to simply let the country world know she's here and she's open for business.

"This year, I quit teaching and decided to do music full time. I have few singles on the streaming service, but I wanted to do a project to let people know who I am and what I'm about." She continues, "As a songwriter, producer and artist, I'm open for business. I'm open to write, I'm open to produce, I'm open to perform." 

Lea is the writer and producer on practically all of her records; a badge not many artists can wear. She's got a catalog of songs that have been seeping and her up coming e.p. is just a sample of what's yet to come.

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