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Verse 1

Two faces

People don’t understand me 'cause I got 

Two faces

Not gonna let it hold me

I got one that's for the public, the professional

And one that's for the freak in me


Too racy

Catch me running my mouth

I'ma get too racy

Monster, turn the lights out

Not afraid to tell you what I want

I take control so blame it on the freak in me



I am who I am

I do what I do

When I wear the pants 

And take command

Now there’s a chance

I may seem too aggressive for you

But I’m living my truth

Verse 2

Outspoken, secret's suffocating 

I’ma be outspoke

They can call me crazy

It's perverted, you heard it

It may seem absurd but I

I’ve got my reasons, yea


Unpredictable, need a miracle

You like it when I'm hella cool 

Until I flip the script on you

Nothin personal, taking back control

The methods are like medical

So I'm gonna live my truth

I was screaming for help

Keep your hands to yourself

I can curse your ass out now

Cause I'm an adult

Took advantage at four

That's some sh*t to endure

This is my life now

I'm hear for living this hardcore

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