King Size

To my wonderful husband Nick, I love my King Size of a Man

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Verse 1

Your job is calling now you’ve got to take flight

I’ll help with luggage and give you a kiss goodbye

Our empty castle is making me feel so small

I’ll be alone, here at our throne waiting up til you call




Cause I miss my king size, my king size of a man (2x)


Verse 2 


In your presence baby, my heart will wait to bow

You best get on your way, oh how I need you now

I’m waiting for you in this california bed

I’m under these sheets but I’d rather be

Underneath you instead





Baby, baby how much I need you, you may never understand

I’m desperate for your embrace your kiss

And the touch of your hands


Verse 3

Business is business but please don’t take your time

Cause when you’re done there’s only one thing that’s on my mind