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"It’d be a remarkable release for an established artist, and it’s one hell of a debut."

" of a thoroughly mainstream variety, a stylistic sensibility shared by Roberta Lea, a singer-songwriter from Norfolk, Va...."

If you have a personal connection to someone in the military, talented singer-songwriter Roberta Lea's new song "Uniform" is guaranteed to make you emotional. The song, which Lea independently released on Veterans Day, is an example of expert storytelling inspired by personal life experiences.

"Lea has stepped into it and gifted us with a remarkable debut country single..."

"Music is one of the most consumed things in the world, she said, and there’s room at the table for anyone who wants to pull up a seat, even if the industry at large doesn’t see it that way."

"As a songwriter from Virginia, Roberta Lea follows a long list of hitmakers and she's sure to be next. Her music has been featured in film, theater and books and she's currently in a collaborative mood with local and award-winning national artists."

"The Black Opry Revue is bringing country music by Black artists to the people — and giving us the opportunity to bask in these artists’ excellence...Roberta Lea started each round off with songs bubbling with joy, love and humor..."

"Roberta Lea is very intentional in everything she does as a musician: how she explores her songwriting inspirations, how she understands seasons of creativity, and how she shares the stories her songs are written about."

"Listen as she discusses the inspiration behind her new song and about her decision to change careers and embrace her passion for songwriting full-time.

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