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You had a lot to give

You had a lot to get us through

Between 3 jobs and 3 kids

You had so much more to lose

It took a lot of courage

A lot of sacrifice

I was young but wise enough to appreciate

Having you here by my side


I've been gone for 11 years

But you're always on my mind

I wish that I could have you here

To make up for the lost time

I'm missing Charmed and I miss our 7th Heaven 

I miss the days, I miss the hours, minutes, seconds

Now duty calls us far away

In the distance for a while

But you'll always be my mama

And I'll always be your child

A special bond, a special tune a special song

Will be beating in my heart here all along

It's our sweet Melody....

Verse 2

From Cali to VA, you'd always go the extra mile

Even though our different views get in the way

I really hope I made you proud



A bushel and a peck

A hug around the neck

That would always reassure me

Of the love I could expect

In return, when you look up to the sky

You should know that it is my reply


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