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To: Sammy        From: Deborah

Happy Valentine's Day


Verse 1

Summer heat, humidity

Sweat beads, glistening

Goatee, over six feet

Approaching, approaching me

I couldn't hear

Music in the background playing

He didn't care, persistent

Your boy wasn't playing

He's committed, she's acquitted

Living new kind of free

He said baby all we need is...


July, Wine & Cigars

Verse 2

In a daze, it's complicated

In 20 years and we didn't make it

If you want me, you've got have patience

Let's take our time and go back to the basics



Lunch date, café you say to persuade me

Pool side, good times, just friends 

But there's something

Could you be more true to my fantasies?

I can't resist I'm falling for you in July 

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