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Roberta Lea


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    Roberta Lea is a soulful singer/songwriter who combines the elements of R&B, jazz, and pop with alluring melodies and thought provoking lyrics. From Norfolk, Va, Roberta began songwriting over 16 years ago as a member of a band at her church called Ruah Beat. From concerts to revivals and conferences, she began to share her music with eager listeners and develop her strengths as a songwriter.

Up until that point she didn't consider herself much of an artist. She was simply grateful for all that God had done and used music as an outlet to express that gratitude and story telling through song. But after multiple people inquired about her actually recording, she decided to step out in faith and recorded her first project in 2015 entitled "I Am Yours".

This debut project was her way of introducing herself to the indie music community and testing the waters of what she hopes to be a continuing and successful endeavor.

The album received heralding reviews from consumers across the nation.

“Clearly a talent unearthed. Anticipating more where that came from.”

 “Raw, spiritual, uplifting music.”

 “Great album! Looking forward to a second. God given talent!”

-Amazon reviews

Growing up in the 90's, Roberta was influenced by a variety of artists that ranged from smooth Jazz and R&B legends like Sade and Anita Baker to pop/rock sensations Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette.  These were often accompanied by the presence of iconic hip hop and R&B music like Tupac, TLC and SWV along with Old and New School Gospel and Christian contemporary music like Kirk Franklin, Casting Crowns and Mary Mary. This wide range of influence has allowed flexibility, complexity, and texture in her style of songwriting. Lyrically she is just as fluid. Her writing style goes from simple and catchy, to thought-provoking and poetic. No matter the case, her tunes are sure to stay in your head.

Vocally she is often compared to the likes of Tracey Chapman and Nina Simone. It took her a while to embrace her natural range as an alto, but when she did, it thrust her into a whole new world of confidence in songwriting.

Currently, Roberta is working on her next project called "The Taste Test". Her goal for this project is to give a new audience an opportunity to taste and see what she is like as an artist. The very first single "Water and Wine" is set to be released on May 25th and it's already received positive reviews.

She looks forward to sharing her journey in her future projects in hopes of inspiring others who are walking along the same path. New listeners can look forward to a wide variety of genre and lyrical thought as they follow this new artists’ adventure.

Roberta Lea

Children's Book Author


It began the same way many of her other manifestations had begun; a written goal. A simple desire in her heart that said "Hmm, I'd love to be a children's book author one day." And after leaving it in the hands of heaven, life began to happen and Voila! Kinky, Curly, Fuzzy, Wavy was born. 

Roberta Lea met co-author/illustrator Demia Lindsey-Mitchell while teaching at Booker T. Washington High School. The two sparked commonalities in the very first conversation and began to have a creativity brainstorm. Mitchell presented the rough draft idea for the book, and the rest is history. 

Kinky, Curly, Fuzzy Wavy is now available on Amazon AND is officially a part of Norfolk Public Library collection at ALL branches. The were recently guests on WTKR Coast Live, guest authors at Willoughby Elementary school and just received an invitation to speak at Suffolk Public Schools. 

And if that wasn't enough icing on the cake, their self-produced trap song "Kinky Curly Fuzzy Wavy" they wrote to accompany the book is now available on ALL digital outlets!

Roberta Lea



And not just a role model, but a REAL model. Here to set an example for young girls to love themselves, their bodies, their hearts and minds. She attended Evie Mansfields modeling class in her youth and hopes to develop a modeling career that compliments her music career and serves her ultimate goal: to celebrate the realities to being an amazing woman inside and out.

Roberta Lea

Teacher/Motivational Speaker


Since being a teenager herself, Roberta Lea has had a passion to inspire and encourage youth. Attending Norview High School, she was intentional in involving herself in programs of a greater cause. From student councilor at YADAPP (Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project), to President of the SADD club (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and everything in between, she's always been a woman about the cause. As a Spanish Teacher, she has an unlimited reach into the hearts and minds of her students. Daily, she connects with her students on a level they appreciate and recently she began to take her inspiring messages to a new platform.

Joining Cameron Betrand (former director of Boys and Girls club and now founder/CEO of Violence Intervention and Prevention program) at Christopher Newport University to talk to youth about the importance of affirmations, Roberta rekindled her love for motivation and inspiration. 

Since then she's booked a number of youth oriented engagements that will be the start of what she hopes to be a meaningful and fulfilling experience.

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