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By Roberta Lea


MADE TO ORDER MUSIC takes the phrase "That's my song!" to a brand new level. Simply tell Roberta Lea about your loved one and she will write a personalized song just for them. 

Roberta Lea has been writing music since 2002. From Gospel to Country, from Pop to R&B, she has mastered the art of story telling through song. Now with Made to Order Music, she can master YOUR STORY. She writes custom songs for birthdays, anniversaries, husbands and wives, grandparents and friends. She's even written songs for those who've lost a loved one or experienced a personal struggle in their life's journey. 

Made To Order Music is under a new website and is preparing for its official launch! Visit the website to order, contact and find out more!


The following projects were written, produced and graphically designed by Roberta Lea.


Deborah and Sammy met at a Wine and Cigar event in the middle of a hot summer. For Valentine's day, this song was ordered to retell that special moment.

Pam wanted something special to celebrate her daughter's 5th birthday and for many years to come. A fun, smooth, bohemian groove, this is exactly what Sienna would sound like if she were a song.

Professional Studio Projects

This catchy hip hop song was written to compliment the popular children's book, Kinky Curly, Fuzzy, Wavy. 

Illustration credit: Demia Lindsey-Mitchell

I Am Yours is a beautiful ballad that describes the feeling of peace when one understands who they belong to. This was one of Roberta Lea's first studio productions.

Full Production Studio Projects

Remarkable Lady was written in awe of a woman who lost her husband but didn't lose her faith. To give the song the power it deserved, Roberta layered the track with Virginia Symphony Quartet strings and choir vocals. This song is featured in the film Woman of Faith: Coping with Trauma.

Water and Wine is a smooth and jazzy R&B track that was fully produced with live bass, guitar, drums and keys. With the help of co-producer Joshua Sanders a.k.a. Chozen Fingaz, Water and Wine became a household favorite.

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