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Roberta Lea teams up with stellar female musicians across U.S. for powerful anthem.

Country-Neo-Pop artist Roberta Lea is releasing the full track to her mic-dropping anthem "Too Much of a Woman" featuring some of the most talented musicians in the U.S. - and they're all women. Dubbed a "dis track to misogyny," the mid-tempo powerhouse is the first single from Lea's highly-anticipated album of the same title. The song is set to be released on March 24, 2023 on all streaming platforms. The single can be previewed here.


The Virginia native initially released "Too Much of a Woman" as an acoustic single on Bandcamp in March of 2022. Solely written and produced by Lea, the fully tracked version features Vanessa McGowan’s rhythmic bass line (bassist for Brandy Clark), Ellen Angelico’s smokey lap steel melodies ("all-things-strings" Nashville musician), Megan Jane’s tight and dirty drum patterns (Nashville based-drummer) and Jackie Venson’s electric whispers and killer guitar solo (rising Austin-based artist). Lea layers the track with haunting pop-country harmonies that grip the sticky melody.


The chorus' finishing line - “If I’m too much of a woman, boy, you’re too little of a man”- hits listeners like a dagger, forcing them to evaluate underlying insecurities that would drive them to put anyone in a box. Met with shouts and applause when performed live, TMOAW is poised to be a timeless girl-power anthem. In the light of oppressive laws currently affecting women across the globe, there never seems to be enough of them.


"I've gotten the perspective from women all over the world about the battles they constantly face just because they simply exist." Lea says. "Existing shouldn't be a fight. But it has been for women for far too long."


Roberta Lea is a recipient of the Color Me Country grant, a member of The Black Opry, and one of the newest inductees to CMT’s Next Women of Country Class of 2023. She’s received multiple nominations from her local music community and won Song of the Year at her local music awards show. She’s been featured on “Artists To Watch” lists in The Nashville Scene and The Boot and had her national television debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Lea looks forward to releasing her debut album in the fall of 2023.

Roberta Lea, set to release her debut full-length, has the potential to not only be a crucial voice in the ongoing Black country renaissance, but also to score hits with her catchy, textured and beautifully sung originals. Lea is one of the many artists in the Black Opry community who sound equally at home in both mainstream and Americana formats, and demonstrate the slippery and incomplete distinctions between them. — Charles Hughes


Artist: Roberta Lea

Phone: 757-352-7079



Management: Nick Walters

Phone: 757-749-4248


Booking: Virginia Prater

Phone: 865-3002107


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This fully produced track features an all-female line up of musicians; Megan Jane on the drums, Ellen Angelico on all things strings, Jackie Venson on guitar and Vanessa McGowan on bass.

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