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"757's Best Kept Secret"



SWEET BABY RAY (Remix) LYRIC VIDEO Roberta Lea x Jared Farrell

Black Opry Artists Roberta Lea & Jett Holden Perform Medley Of 'Taxidermy' & 'Too Much Of A Woman'

Back To Georgia

Roberta Lea ft. Octavia the Great - Moonlight (Official Video)

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Roberta Lea's Secret Sauce Recipe

- 2 Cups of Soul

- 1/2 Cup of Sentimental

- 1/2 Cup of Sexy

- 3 tablespoons of Real Life

- 1 tablespoon of Fantasy

- A large pinch of Faith 

With a voice like cinnamon and a pen like butter, Roberta Lea is a rising artist, ready to give the world a taste of what she's made of. Fellow artists have called her Hampton Roads’ best kept secret. It's as though she's a family recipe, kept hidden until now. 

Fellow musicians have described her sound as "country-neo-pop". As a millennial, it's often quite difficult to pin her down to one particular genre. Her influences range from 80s RnB legends like Roberta Flack, Anita Baker and Sade, to pop 90s girl-power players like Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain and everything in between. 


"One of my biggest references as an artist right now is Tina Turner" Lea says. "Although she's always been a dominating presence in pop-culture as the the Queen of Rock n' Roll, recently I've rediscovered her through the lens of country music."


Lea finds comfort in Tina's raspy vocals as she explores the uniqueness of her own voice. She's been described vocally as a Tina Turner/Macy Gray grit, lyrically clever like George Strait, incorporates some Pop-fun like Shania Twain and at times delivers her slower, more sentimental material like Norah Jones.

Pursuing music at 35 may seem like it's a late start for some, but for Roberta Lea, it's ideal. She's been slowly marinating and soaking in LIFE. Now that she's ready to do music, she has a buffet of songs that are sure to appease any listener's pallet. 


Just ask the Black Opry. Her single “Sweet Baby Ray” hit the spot in the hearts of fellow artists and music lovers alike and drove her to record her very first country project “Just A Taste”. Now, she’s been nominated for 6 music awards including Song of the Year and Best E.P.! “Just A Taste” showcases the different flavors of country she infuses in her songwriting. She goes from classic country, to country soul, country rock, pop country and country folk. As a songwriter, she has no limits when it comes to expressing herself through song and telling a good story.


As a Virginian, Roberta Lea follows a long list of iconic artists and hitmakers. From classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Patsy Cline, to icons like Pharrel, Timberland, and Missy Elliot, legends like The Dave Matthews Band and Pat Benatar, to modern day rising stars like Old Dominion and Morgan Wade. As a songwriter and an artist, she’s in great company and confident that she's next. 


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Ghetto Country Streets

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"It’d be a remarkable release for an established artist, and it’s one hell of a debut."

" of a thoroughly mainstream variety, a stylistic sensibility shared by Roberta Lea, a singer-songwriter from Norfolk, Va...."

If you have a personal connection to someone in the military, talented singer-songwriter Roberta Lea's new song "Uniform" is guaranteed to make you emotional. The song, which Lea independently released on Veterans Day, is an example of expert storytelling inspired by personal life experiences.

"Lea has stepped into it and gifted us with a remarkable debut country single..."

"Music is one of the most consumed things in the world, she said, and there’s room at the table for anyone who wants to pull up a seat, even if the industry at large doesn’t see it that way."


"As a songwriter from Virginia, Roberta Lea follows a long list of hitmakers and she's sure to be next. Her music has been featured in film, theater and books and she's currently in a collaborative mood with local and award-winning national artists."

"The Black Opry Revue is bringing country music by Black artists to the people — and giving us the opportunity to bask in these artists’ excellence...Roberta Lea started each round off with songs bubbling with joy, love and humor..."

"Roberta Lea is very intentional in everything she does as a musician: how she explores her songwriting inspirations, how she understands seasons of creativity, and how she shares the stories her songs are written about."

"Listen as she discusses the inspiration behind her new song and about her decision to change careers and embrace her passion for songwriting full-time.


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