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Our All

Dedicated to medical professionals worldwide


Verse 1


Death at your side

But so am I

The tears that we cry

They drown us in hope

Surrounded by fear

But love’s drawing near

I’m with you my dear

I’m not letting go




The grim reaper may be big and bad and tough

But he’s gonna have to fight these angels in scrubs




Cuz we cry with you

Spend the darkest nights with you

We’re here to fight for you

(It’s what we do, what we do)

Sometimes we die a little with you

Climbing mountains high with you

We sacrifice for you

(That’s what we do, what we do)

We give our all 


Verse 2


Soon comes the day this pain goes away

Until then we pray, we power on

And though times get hard with new broken hearts

We knew from the start that it’s our mission



Nothing can erase the kind of heartbreak that we’ve seen

Still no other place we’d rather be

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